The Circus


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I do not see "Glam-esque" in D RAIL's music, but that is what music is all about, what it means to the listener.....

EXCLAIM Magazine,Feb,2007
The unity of glam-induced punk 'n' roll in the vein of Backyard Babies with shoegazing indie rock,`a la Goo-era Sonic Youth,seems like one of the most unlikely occurrences,a horrific Frankenstein tampering of polar opposites,Somehow, DRAIL pull this off on The Circus in a way that makes them seem all the brighter for actually blending such disparate forces over the course of 11,mid-tempo songs lumbering along at an acceptable pace,churning out the aforementioned glam-esque,hooky riffs.But just as the band seem pegged in with the mascara-clad,leather pants-wearin' masses,they utilize a moderate dissonance and slacker-ish,strung-out vocal delivery that hits like a ton of bricks steamrolling in from left field.Drenching the ensuing salvo of open chords with heaps of reverb, it almost seems as if Thurston Moore was either producing or scratching at the door for admittance.After the initial jar wears off though,The Circus proves itself almost as interesting as it is bold.Lyrically,the band stick to tried and true elements:personal experiences yielding pseudo-insightful views of life and love.But with a few more kicks at the can, DRAIL may very well carve out an infrequently visited niche for themselves.
Keith Carman, Exclaim magazine.

Willy HortonPublished 04-12-2007

Kicked ass. Has the power of Def Leppard if their drummer had both arms...


released May 10, 2006



all rights reserved


D RAIL Vancouver, British Columbia

D RAIL is Hi Energy Sonic Music.-Play it loud!

"A veteran of the local scene, D RAIL may be mysterious, but his affinity for the West Coast is clear.This is fist-in-the-air, Agent Orange-esque anthem punk with smarmy swagger and slashing guitars you don't hear enough of lately. "
Stuart Derdeyn, The Province.
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Track Name: Words
With all these things I wanted to say, all the words get in the way.....
Track Name: Believe It
Well all right... you gotta know who you are in this world..... that's the thing you gotta do in this world.... KNOW YOU !
Track Name: Nothing To Say
Nothing new is coming, I tell myself stop running, I stand there and it passes my way........
Track Name: Funkh'd
I feel these questions rise in me, Can't stop these feelings, keeps me wanting to know, all the fear own... on my own!
Track Name: Fade away
OHHH..... are you tired of being pushed around?
I see the writings on the wall there here to stay.... I do don't believe 'em, or anything they say.....Push us over, push us down that's just their
Track Name: Bleed
Everything I wanted to say... I said, I said. Everything inside me hurts, oh, to touch.
Track Name: R.I.P.
Billy's set to find his way now....Jen she's set to do the same, Billy decides to do it his way do you sift through the garden anyway....
Track Name: Blue on Black
Blue sky light, Black of night... the reflection in her eyes flashes blue on black to me..... Black is wisdom, blue is it feels to me.....
Track Name: T.V.
As you sit and watch T.V. from an early age they left you all alone, T.V. filled that void when no one's home.....
Track Name: Belt
Don't it make you feel a little hopeless... Don't it make you feel a little small today?
You say we gotta believe it !!!
I don't know about you but I can't shut it down......
There's people dying for this democracy.... Too busy to know what they do in your name... I don't want to feel this shame!!!
Freedom and democracy, just words with ruined integrity !!!
Track Name: I Should Have Known
I Don't know what you wanted, I don't know why you stayed, now that you're outta here.... I know it's better that WAY !!!!!