Smart Phones, Stupid People

from by D RAIL

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We all have 'em, and can't live without 'em.....But do we really need to have the cell with us ALL the time? People are willingly letting devices rule and think for them. That cannot be good for our mental health!
How many times have you been in the presence of someone staring at their phone while they are supposedly talking with you?
It has become a serious anti-social phenomenon.


So what gives?
I’m an addict; I can’t stay away from my phone….
Wanna know?
If we’re so connected…then why are we so alone?
All the world is on our screen
24/7…overloads me!
I’m not saying I’m throwing mine away
But why can’t I leave it alone for one day?
And all this noise inside my head
Oh!…feels like a leash I said
And all this time with machines
Turns us into Zombies….
All I see are ZOMBIES!!!!!

So what gives?
Wanna see….what’s this convenience doin’ to me?
And all…this talk
All this talk and it just won’t stop….
All this talk and I don’t know……

And you…..
In a room full of people all on their phones
And you!
You hear them talking, But still…..Alone.
And now the scenario out on the street
Talking on their cell, ignoring everyone they meet!
Oblivious, no attention do they pay
Living in the virtual reality!!
And all this noise inside our heads
Oh! Feels like a leash I said
And all this time with machines
Oh!…turns us into Zombies!
Turning us into Zombies!

So what gives?
Wanna know
What’s your convenience doing to you?
And on the phone!
Always on, and it won’t go away
And I
Wanna see
What’s my convenience doing to me?
And all…. this talk!
All this talk and it just won’t stop
Can’t get away, away from me!

I always said it wouldn’t happen to me…
I aint one of those Zombies!
How did I ever let it just happen to me?
Oh my phone does that for free!
How did I ever let it just happen to me?
Turning us into Zombies!
Turning us into Zombies!
I get to see another side of me!
I get to fry my brain for the economy
How’d I ever let it get control over me?
Oh Ya!
I guess I could
S T O P!

I could you know….
Put the phone down…..S T O P.


from EVOLUTION​/​REVOLUTION, released July 24, 2012



all rights reserved


D RAIL Vancouver, British Columbia

D RAIL is Hi Energy Sonic Music.-Play it loud!

"A veteran of the local scene, D RAIL may be mysterious, but his affinity for the West Coast is clear.This is fist-in-the-air, Agent Orange-esque anthem punk with smarmy swagger and slashing guitars you don't hear enough of lately. "
Stuart Derdeyn, The Province.
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